KH3 rumors, Game of Thrones sickness, & CRINGEY Avatar Fan Fiction

On the TENTH (10th!) episode of Amateur Pod:

  • Andrew's journey into nature
  • Why it's always good to have awkward pictures of your friends handy
  • Dream Daddies: Only Andrew can get the title correct
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: The only game that really matters
  • Dunkirk good, Valerian bad
  • Colleen's awful, no good, terrible bad Avatar: The Last Airbender fan fiction

EWYDK - Kingdom Hearts

Presenting a special new segment of Amateur called EWYDK (Explain What You Don't Know) where in Andrew and I grab someone we know to completely talk out of their ass on a subject they barely know anything about!

On this first episode, we interview our good friend Wesley Odell about one of our favorite video game franchises of all time, Kingdom Hearts! He tries his best to explain everything from the main characters to the intricacies of the mangled Disney-Square Enix plot points.

Wonder Woman Kicks Ass in Slow-mo & Johnny Depp Disappoints Us

Amateur Pod

On the sixth episode of Amateur Pod:

  • Andrew goes to a panel of celebrities
  • Thomas Middleditch's peepee
  • Colleen plays some Star Wars tabletop games
  • Rocket League Championship Series steals Andrew's soul
  • Wonder Woman and it's amazing feminist agenda
  • Pirates 5: When will the misery end?
  • Critical Role & Dungeons and Dragons 
  • The ongoing saga of my Teen Titans fan fiction

Plus much, much, more!

No, the Avatar with the Blue People

On the fourth episode of Amateur Pod:

  • The NEW Hot Topic
  • Andrew is an extra in a commercial attempting to redeem the United States
  • Maybe Wonder Woman won’t be absolutely awful
  • DC Cinematic universe critique
  • Cars 3 and the sexiest Cars characters
  • The Avatar universe is holistically unwanted
  • Mixed opinions on Pirates of the Caribbean 5
  • The boat multiverse
  • Cosplay FAILS & WINS
  • The saga of Colleen’s awful Scooby Doo Fan Fiction
  • Andrew’s days spent catfishing in World of Warcraft

Plus much, much more!

Hot Romance Games & the Star Wars Scum and Villainy Cantina


On the second episode of Amateur Pod:

  • Colleen & Andrew get real
  • Andrew’s experience as a PA on a ballet reality show
  • The cultural imprint of Gameboys and their successors on our lives
  • Colleen pronounces the word ‘deter’ wrong
  • The shortcomings of handheld gaming
  • Colleen’s dark secret about Pokemon
  • The great pink debate
  • Introducing Andrew to the concept of bralette
  • Inappropriate Kingdom Hearts talk
  • Andrew’s secret passions for romance games
  • Colleen’s adventures on NewGrounds
  • Getting drunk for cheap out on the town
  • How to make sure no one will ever have sex in your bed ever again
  • Scum and Villainy Cantina
  • Andrew’s recap of a Spider-Man and Elsa video
  • Andrew will do anything for the listeners
  • Butthole

Plus much, much more!

Star Wars Celebration, Rocket League low down, & Disney World secrets revealed

Episode 1

In this first episode of Amateur Pod, Andrew and Colleen discuss:

  • The experience of Star Wars Celebration
  • We discover that Andrew doesn’t watch movie trailers while Colleen is knee deep in spoilers
  • Andrew educates us on the history of Rocket League competitive play
  • Weird directions Marvel is going in
  • Spiderman and Elsa are a couple
  • Universal Studios Favorites and Disney World Secrets
  • Jessica Nigri regrets
  • RIP Star Wars Weekends, Galactic Nights
  • Star Wars prequel opinions
  • Plus much, much more!