Good vs. Email

EPISODE 12 | Good vs. Email

On this episode of Canto Bight Dispatch:

  • Emily watched 4 episodes of the Clone Wars
  • The character Cad Bane is discussed
  • There are still no chickens in Star Wars
  • Brittani & Emily discuss Rebels
  • Do we need to consume everything Star Wars?
  • Are filler episodes actually filler episodes?
  • Brittani wants more Padme
  • Star Wars relationship advice
  • Forces of Destiny!
  • It is agreed that Chewbacca is adorable.
  • Brittani got a new porg & named him Canadian Bacon
  • There’s going to be a Forces of Destiny Comic Book series!!
  • Brittani’s brain is fried because of midterms
  • Favorite candies & alcoholic beverages are discussed (Shout out to Stranger Brews! Go check them out!)
  • Top 3 Star Wars fashion choices are discussed (Thank you, Marina for picking out the topic this week!)
  • Brittani & Emily bond over their love of Project Runway
  • Will C-3PO and R2-D2 live forever?
  • What will the porgs do in The Last Jedi?

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