CBD: A Star Wars Podcast for Siblings

EPISODE 13 | CBD: A Star Wars Podcast for Siblings

On this episode...

  • Emily is sick so Brittani's brother Rusty fills in. (He's excited)
  • Get the inside scope on growing up with Downtown Brittani Brown.
  • The Brown family is a Disney family.
  • Rusty's first memory of Star Wars
  • Playing with action figures.
  • Embarrassing family stories
  • The Kessel Toy Run is collecting toys for kids in hospitals. Check out details at makingstarwars.net or @thekesseltoyrun on twitter.
  • Rebels reactions for episodes 1&2
  • Rusty vs. Ezra
  • Theories on Rebels' ending
  • Feeling awkward as a Star Wars kid
  • Top 3 items in your Star Wars collection
  • Rashad asks about possible force visions for Rey. And about Luke leaving Ahch-To.
  • Catherine writes in with an interesting Padme/Anakin theory
  • Brittani finally remembers that there actually is some Star Wars news
  • Also: Emily was on The Bad Motivators this week and Brittani was talking Disney on The Richie and Ollie Show. Check them out.
  • Emily edited this episode and left all of the praise of her in it, because she is vain.
  • Thanks to Rusty for filling in. You can follow him on twitter @rustybrownn

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