Is a Mendo Still a Mendo Without a Cape?

EPISODE 14 | Is a Mendo Still a Mendo Without a Cape?

On this episode...

  • Emily’s back! And she’s better than ever.
  • Home remedies: Ginger Tea Edition.
  • Brittani got another porg.
  • We discuss Season 2 of Stranger Things.
  • After 32 minutes, we finally discuss Star Wars.
  • Emily watched The Clone Wars.
  • Two more episodes of Rebels premiered!
  • Brittani tries to make jokes. She fails.
  • Ewok Appreciation Day is a very special holiday.
  • Brittani gets angry because people don’t like porgs.
  • Emily gets mad because people don’t like Ewoks.
  • Top 3 Star Wars sounds are discussed (Thank you, Andy for the topic recomendation!!!)
  • LUKE CRUISER from the Bad Motivators: A Malfunctioning Star Wars Podcast made us new show art! It is shiny & beautiful. Thank you, Luke!!
  • King Tom sends us a voicemail about our good friend, Mendo.
  • Brittani’s brain is jello.
  • Richie sends us a voicemail about mythology in Star Wars.

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