I’ve Never Done This Before

EPISODE 15 | I've Never Done This Before

Somehow we are up to episode 15! In this episode…

  • Brittani’s classroom adventures.
  • The passing of Star Wars and ESB costume designer John Mollo
  • Surprise new TV spot. We have mixed feelings about it.
  • More on Clone names. Expect more of this as Emily gets more fixated on the shoddy treatment of the Clones by the Jedi.
  • King Tom is our Pablo.
  • Kathleen Kennedy on the future of Star Wars.
  • PORGS! (yes, again. Shut up.)
  • Rose’s cool space necklace and our desire for lots of Rose.
  • Han Solo reshoots.
  • Clone Wars. Emily likes cute alien kids and not much else. Why are our heros so dumb?
  • Rebels. Brittani does not care for Ezra.
  • Emily loves you more than Brittani does.
  • Top 3 stories we want to see in the next trilogy.
  • Emily likes space bureaucracy.
  • Brittani calls her brother during the podcast.
  • An email from Jim asking about death in Star Wars and who may die in TLJ.
  • We end up talking about Stranger Things again.
  • We talk shipping and fanfiction.
  • We make some plans for episode 25. Maybe. Let us know what you think.

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