Mendo & Mothma’s Time Travel Adventures

EPISODE 16 | Mendo & Mothma’s Time Travel Adventures

On this episode of Canto Bight Dispatch:

  • Emily just had a birthday! Happy Birthday, Emily!
  • Brittani keeps ordering porgs online.
  • Rian Johnson is creating a new Star Wars trilogy!
  • Brittani can’t form sentences (again).
  • Emily & Brittani create possible plots for the future live action Star Wars series coming in 2019
  • Top 3 Imperial Troopers are discussed (Thank you, Andy for the suggestion!)
  • Jim, King Tom, and Mike G send in their ideas for the live action Star Wars series! And they are all amazing!!
  • Thanksgiving meals are discussed.
  • Brittani & Emily discuss how they feel about pumpkin spice
  • What Star Wars character would make the best thanksgiving feast?
  • Rusty sends in a voicemail about lightsabers
  • Emily is keeping up with the Clone Wars and not the Kardashians
  • Brittani reviews two episodes of Rebels briefly

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