Emily Loves the Phantom Menace

Episode 6 | Emily Loves the Phantom Menace

On this episode of Canto Bight Dispatch..

  • Brittani & Emily discuss the Rebels Season 4 trailer
  • Emily hates Jar Jar. Brittani loves him.
  • Force Friday was celebrated.
  • Favorite Star Wars t-shirts are discussed (Mostly Steele Wars shirts. They are fantastic!)
  • Porgs are the reason for the teardrops on Brittani's guitar
  • Brittani has mastered the seguways
  • Inferno Squad & General Holdo are discussed.
  • Top 3 Star Wars movie posters are discussed.
  • Thank you, Rashad, for this week's topic!
  • Ryan B has a question about Kylo Ren
  • The wonderful Johnny Grasso has a question about Star Wars themed pet names
  • Ed has a question about movies & food

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