In Which We Are Mean

Episode 7 | In Which We Are Mean

Join us for episode 7 where...

  • Emily loves her porg (Porgson Krennic).
  • We discuss Colin Trevorrow's firing (recorded before the J.J. news, of course) and what it signals a broader problem for LucasFilm. Emily loves dinosaurs for some reason.
  • We are not very nice about Dave Filoni, with complaints about the false advertising of Krennic and the Schrodinger's Cat treatment of Ahsoka.
  • Brittani really doesn't like Ezra.
  • Emily actually has some (fairly) positive things to say about The Clone Wars this season. There is a split-decision on Jar Jar.
  • We go in on our Top 3 least favorite story elements. (Thanks to King Tom for the suggestion)
  • Jim writes in with an interesting Ezra observation and we talk Star Wars names.
  • Andy is very nice. (Much nicer than we are.)

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