What is this?

Radio Free Podcasting is a network of podcasts, most of which deal with some sort of pop culture (film, television, music).

What's with the name?

The name comes from the fact that Patrick (the founder) originally went to college to study Radio/TV/Film with the hopes of getting into radio, but heard nothing but negativity from the professors, was constantly told that the goal was a pipedream, and that radio was impossible to break into... and yet here were are in 2017 and the world has changed to the point that --- thanks to podcasting --- anyone can have a radio show (just without the "radio" itself).

Patrick ended up getting his degree in business instead, and put it to use by creating this network in early 2017. Phase two is about growing the network by adding new shows. That's where you come in!

Why should I add my podcast to the network?

Because everything is more fun with friends! Opportunities to cross-promote! Unlimited hosting space for free!

Do I have to move my show over from where it's being hosted now?

No. You can, but you certainly don't have to. There's two ways to do this:

  1. Move your show to our SquareSpace site.
    Pros: You don't have to pay hosting fees anymore. We have unlimited space, so if you ever stop doing the show we can leave it up for as long as you want.
    Cons: Moving the show can take a little time, but we can help with that. 
  2. Continue to host your show through another service (libsyn, podbean, etc) and we can add a page to our network for your show, but the audio player would be linked up to your hosting site (so the downloads will actually be counted there).
    Pros: Some of those other sites are easier to upload to, and will provide more detailed download statistics.
    Cons: You'll still have to pay your hosting fee each month.

If I join the network, do I have to plug the network, the site and all the other shows during my show?

Absolutely not. Record your show the way you want. If you don't mind adding a link to the site in your show notes, that would be awesome, but not required.

If I join the network, am I going to have to include ads on my show?

No. We're not seeking advertisers yet, but if we ever get to that point it will be up to each individual host if they want to participate. We'll never require it.

If I join the network and then change my mind what happens? Who owns the content?

Come and go as you please. You own the content. If you decide you want the page taken down, we'll do that AND help you migrate over to a new host. We want this to be a positive experience for you, even if you decide to leave.

What if I want to create a brand new show?

Do it!

What's the catch?

There is no catch.

Are you sure?


Do we have to let Patrick guest on our show?

No. That guy already talks too much.