Nobody Steals from Dick Dastardly

Nobody Steals from Dick Dastardly


And we're tired.

On this episode of Radio Free Mandalore:

  • Karma's gonna get you if you try to buy your toys early.
  • The only reason to ever shop at WalMart.
  • Evil BB8!
  • What's in the (giant size LEGO) box?
  • This is what it sounds like when Porgs cry.
  • Why do Force Awakens toys have a street date?
  • Han Solo film loses Michael K. Williams.
  • Emilia Clark's character name leaked!
  • Beckett. It's Beckett. 100%.
  • Capes! Capes! Capes!
  • Obi Wan stand alone film rumors.
  • Laughing dogs.

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