Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us


On this episode of Radio Free Mandalore, Kevin is stuck at work, and Tim and Patrick don't seem to know too much about anything.

  • Patrick bought more toys
  • The Last Jedi is the longest Star Wars film yet (shoutout to the Scruffy Lookin' Podcasters)
  • Chewie and the Porgs
  • Directors cuts and extended editions
  • From A Certain Point of View
  • Absolutely Everything You Need To Know
  • The Emperor's Shadow Guard
  • Tim and Patrick plan their buddy tattoos
  •  Patrick doesn't know what a forearm is
  • Snoke's telepathy
  • Tim doesn't know what an opera is
  • Rewatching the first eight films
  • What's under Snoke's robe?
  • Tim can't remember the only thing he liked about Green Lantern
  • Tim doesn't know how many ribs he has
  • Tim still has fat fingers
  • Forces of Destiny
  • Voices in their Heads
  • Tim doesn't know the difference between Jyn and Leia
  • Battlefront Trailers
  • Patrick's gonna start reading again
  • Luke is a vegetarian
  • There are no chickens in Star Wars (shoutout to the Canto Bight Dispatch)

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