What up, Matt?


After a much needed month off, the RFM crew is back to discuss:

  • How many times they're each seeing TLJ on opening weekend! 
  • Kevin's adventure at Taco Bell! 
  • Wendy's twitter! 
  • Max Rebo!
  • Star Tours!
  • The latest Smuggler's Bounty box! 
  • Patrick has friends? 
  • Star Wars blow up dolls! 
  • The Rian Johnson trilogy! 
  • Investor calls and earnings reports! 
  • Coco Easter Eggs! 
  • Twenty minutes of Olaf! 
  • Disney streaming service! 
  • Rumored Disney/Fox merger! 
  • The easiest $20 ever made!

Theory of the week submitted by Matt from Ratt Haus.

Thanks Matt!

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