Pineapple Eyes

The boys are back and are apparently recording in an echo chamber. It's October 2016, and Kevin and Patrick are still on their quest to get Tim to go to Disneyland, but Tim would rather get kidney stones. It is a dark time: Tim is newly single, Patrick is unemployed, and Kevin lost money in Vegas. On the bright side, Tim and Patrick have free time now and Kevin got to see Bikini Bull Riding. Also, the RFM crew continue to speculate on Rogue One and the Han Solo film; Patrick casts Danny Glover as Lando's grandfather Grando Calrissian. Kevin teases the Scum and Villainy Cantina. The boys place their bets on when we'll see an Episode VIII trailer. Patrick gets emotional and loses faith in the Jedi teachings. The boys dare to ask if you can teach an old Jedi new tricks.Tim ponders toy sales in a galaxy far, far away. Patrick writes a very dark ending for Rogue One; Tim begins to fear what goes on in Patrick's mind. Patrick describes his experiences at New York Comic Con and Rogue Friday, until Tim derails him. Tim finds a theory about BB8's creation. And of course, all hail the puffer pig!