The Beginning (Episode One)

Kevin, Tim and Patrick talk Star Wars all the time. This particular time, they recorded it. This is the first episode of Radio Free Mandalore, and it sounds like it! Recorded in the summer of 2016 and almost lost to time, the boys decided it would be fun to release this (quietly) before the new and improved episodes hit the internet. Technical difficulties, a crying baby and a barbecue going on in the backyard come together to create exactly what you'd expect from three amateur podcasters on their first attempt! But hey... only one way to go from here... up! On the bright side, the boys are joined by special guest-host Brittany, as well as Chris from the Star Wars Underworld and Geek Radio. Listen in as they all speculate on what might happen in Rogue One, a film you've already seen by now! Also, Tim finds fan theories on the internet; some that he likes, and one that almost makes his head explode. This is Radio Free Mandalore: News, reviews and occasional interviews from a galaxy far, far away.