Clone Wars, Billy Dee, and Kevin's Buns


This week on Radio Free Mandalore:

  • Kevin the robot makes Sloppy Joes while his batteries recharge.
  • Patrick thinks Kevin should be making fruitcake instead.
  • Tim doesn't care about Avatar World, and still hasn't decided if he'll go to Star Wars Land.
  • Clone Wars is leaving Netflix and Kevin isn't caught up yet.
  • Patrick found the droid he was looking for.
  • Pirates 5 has a trailer but Star Wars 8 does not.
  • Patrick didn't watch the Superbowl.
  • Will Billy Dee show up in Episode VIII?
  • Tim longs for the return of Watto.
  • TIM'S FAN THEORY OF THE WEEK: Naboo is Dagobah.
  • Tim loves a parade.
  • Ranking Rogue One.
  • Top three lightsaber battles.
  • Best blasters.
  • Best bounty hunter.
  • Would Tim trade Maul for Cad Bane on Rebels?
  • Tim misses Savage.