Ezra is Still Annoying, Darth Vader Still Hates Sand, and San Dimas High School Football Still Rules


This week on Radio Free Mandalore:

  • Dallas Wood of The Bad Motivators podcast helps us get through another slow news week!
  • Remembering VHS, Beta and LaserDisc.
  • Tim is a youngling.
  • Did Frank Oz just confirm Yoda for Episode VIII?
  • Iron Man 3 tangent.
  • Will we see Corellia in the Han Solo film?
  • Another tangent: Bill & Ted, Mighty Ducks, and The Sandlot.
  • Yet another tangent: Deadpool, Green Lantern, and the Silver Surfer.
  • Darth Vader hates sand.
  • New Vader comic coming soon!
  • Tim jinxes James Earl Jones.
  • Is Luke the chosen one?
  • Ezra must die.
  • Zeb too!
  • And let's throw in Asmorgan while we're at it.
  • Will we see a live action Cad Bane?
  • Mara Jade isn't coming back.