Ezra is Still Annoying, Darth Vader Still Hates Sand, and San Dimas High School Football Still Rules


This week on Radio Free Mandalore:

  • Dallas Wood of The Bad Motivators podcast helps us get through another slow news week!
  • Remembering VHS, Beta and LaserDisc.
  • Tim is a youngling.
  • Did Frank Oz just confirm Yoda for Episode VIII?
  • Iron Man 3 tangent.
  • Will we see Corellia in the Han Solo film?
  • Another tangent: Bill & Ted, Mighty Ducks, and The Sandlot.
  • Yet another tangent: Deadpool, Green Lantern, and the Silver Surfer.
  • Darth Vader hates sand.
  • New Vader comic coming soon!
  • Tim jinxes James Earl Jones.
  • Is Luke the chosen one?
  • Ezra must die.
  • Zeb too!
  • And let's throw in Asmorgan while we're at it.
  • Will we see a live action Cad Bane?
  • Mara Jade isn't coming back. 

Luke's First Words, Rey's New Hair, and a Sports Training Montage


This week on Radio Free Mandalore:

  • Kevin got a promotion... and a new mic!
  • No Celebration next year.
  • Michael K. Williams joins the cast of the Han Solo film.
  • Luke's first words?
  • Montage!
  • Rian Johnson is a troll.
  • Captain Phasma's weapon upgrade.
  • TIM'S THEORY OF THE WEEK: He didn't have anything, so Patrick brought one.
  • Season four of Rebels.
  • How Rebels should end.
  • A satisfying end for Ahsoka.

Rebels, Rivals and Tangents


This week on Radio Free Mandalore:

  • Lucasfilm copyrights Star Wars Rivals.
  • How to wrap up Rebels.
  • 40th Anniversary Black Series figures.
  • Snoke the maniacal zealot.
  • An Oscar for Mark Hamill?
  • Star Wars in the park.
  • Wyrdcon.
  • Should Leia become a Disney Princess?
  • Should Carrie become a Disney Legend?
  • A magical, musical Disneyland tangent.
  • Dippin' Dots.
  • Tim's Wishlist vs Patrick's Soapbox AKA Mace is Alive vs Dead is Dead.
  • Tim Loves a parade.

Jar Jar the Clown, Han Solo Cast Photo and a Three Beer Theory

Radio Free Mandalore


This week on Radio Free Mandalore:

  • Tim teaches the days of the week.
  • Is Star Wars Rebels ending after season three?
  • The Thrawn novel includes a poster!
  • Jar Jar is a clown in the latest Aftermath book.
  • Inferno Squad announced.
  • Tim wants a live action Thrawn.
  • Patrick wants an anthology style television show.
  • Is Jedi plural?
  • Tim and Patrick got jokes.
  • Han Solo cast photo and release date.
  • Patrick eats his hat.
  • Do we need two films a year?
  • Alternative facts in a galaxy far, far away.
  • Tim and Patrick place a bet.

Han Solo Casting, Star Wars Land Update, and Podcasting on Valentine's Day


This week on Radio Free Mandalore:

  • It's Valentine's Day, and Tim is Grumpy!!!
  • Thandie Newton in talks for a role in the Han Solo film.
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge cast in Han Solo.
  • Star Wars Land to open in 2019.
  • TIM'S FAN THEORY OF THE WEEK: Ezra is Rey's Father.
  • Rosario Dawson wants to play Ahsoka.
  • Patrick crushes Tim's hopes and dreams.
  • Force Friday update.
  • Apparently some people didn't like Rogue One?

Clone Wars, Billy Dee, and Kevin's Buns


This week on Radio Free Mandalore:

  • Kevin the robot makes Sloppy Joes while his batteries recharge.
  • Patrick thinks Kevin should be making fruitcake instead.
  • Tim doesn't care about Avatar World, and still hasn't decided if he'll go to Star Wars Land.
  • Clone Wars is leaving Netflix and Kevin isn't caught up yet.
  • Patrick found the droid he was looking for.
  • Pirates 5 has a trailer but Star Wars 8 does not.
  • Patrick didn't watch the Superbowl.
  • Will Billy Dee show up in Episode VIII?
  • Tim longs for the return of Watto.
  • TIM'S FAN THEORY OF THE WEEK: Naboo is Dagobah.
  • Tim loves a parade.
  • Ranking Rogue One.
  • Top three lightsaber battles.
  • Best blasters.
  • Best bounty hunter.
  • Would Tim trade Maul for Cad Bane on Rebels?
  • Tim misses Savage.

Evil Capes, Awesome LEGOs, and a Careless Whisper

Tim, Kevin and Patrick discuss Darth Maul #1, as well as Maul, Thrawn and the Darksaber on Rebels. Tim dares to ask if Snoke could be the last Jedi, or if Lando lured Ben Solo to the dark side.Han Solo starts shooting and Episode VIII has a crawl. Will Han appear in The Last Jedi? Kevin got some more LEGO sets while Tim resisted buying more Funko POPs!

Space Casino

The boys are back from Denver, and have a lot to say about toys with removable limbs, The Executioner, and The Force Awakens 3D BluRay, as well the latest Rogue One trailer, news about ticket sales, and the pros and cons of IMAX and 3D. Also, Kevin updates everyone on the George Lucas museum and Tim judges a book by its cover, while Patrick eats cookies and takes action figures out of their packaging. Speculation on the five words that spoil Rogue One, cape burning, how much we'll see of Emilia Clarke in the Han Solo film, and whether or not there are dragons in space.

Pineapple Eyes

The boys are back and are apparently recording in an echo chamber. It's October 2016, and Kevin and Patrick are still on their quest to get Tim to go to Disneyland, but Tim would rather get kidney stones. It is a dark time: Tim is newly single, Patrick is unemployed, and Kevin lost money in Vegas. On the bright side, Tim and Patrick have free time now and Kevin got to see Bikini Bull Riding. Also, the RFM crew continue to speculate on Rogue One and the Han Solo film; Patrick casts Danny Glover as Lando's grandfather Grando Calrissian. Kevin teases the Scum and Villainy Cantina. The boys place their bets on when we'll see an Episode VIII trailer. Patrick gets emotional and loses faith in the Jedi teachings. The boys dare to ask if you can teach an old Jedi new tricks.Tim ponders toy sales in a galaxy far, far away. Patrick writes a very dark ending for Rogue One; Tim begins to fear what goes on in Patrick's mind. Patrick describes his experiences at New York Comic Con and Rogue Friday, until Tim derails him. Tim finds a theory about BB8's creation. And of course, all hail the puffer pig!

The Beginning (Episode One)

Kevin, Tim and Patrick talk Star Wars all the time. This particular time, they recorded it. This is the first episode of Radio Free Mandalore, and it sounds like it! Recorded in the summer of 2016 and almost lost to time, the boys decided it would be fun to release this (quietly) before the new and improved episodes hit the internet. Technical difficulties, a crying baby and a barbecue going on in the backyard come together to create exactly what you'd expect from three amateur podcasters on their first attempt! But hey... only one way to go from here... up! On the bright side, the boys are joined by special guest-host Brittany, as well as Chris from the Star Wars Underworld and Geek Radio. Listen in as they all speculate on what might happen in Rogue One, a film you've already seen by now! Also, Tim finds fan theories on the internet; some that he likes, and one that almost makes his head explode. This is Radio Free Mandalore: News, reviews and occasional interviews from a galaxy far, far away.