Season 6 Preview

What's this?  A new episode of the Watchers of Westeros?  It's no mistake, Dominic and Ciaran are back to get you set for Season Six.  Like Jon Snow (probably) will, they have returned to break down some trailers and previews, make predictions, and more.  Plus a game of Game of Thrones Would You Rather?


There Wasn't Even a Wedding

On this episode Dominic and Ciaran break down and react to the shocking Season 5 finale "Mother's Mercy."  The discuss the death of Jon Snow and share some theories on how he can come back.  They also look at the ramifications Stannis' actions last week had, discuss what made Theon finally snap out of his Reek persona, and speculate if Arya can get her sight back.  Plus Tyrion in charge of Mereen, the death of Myrcella, and how Cersei may come back from her walk of shame.  All this and much more!

Why, Stannis?

On this episode Dominic and Ciaran discuss the 9th episode of Season 5, "A Dance of Dragons."  They break down Stannis Baratheon's heart breaking decision to sacrifice his daughter to the lord of light. They also look at where Arya story is going and discuss the implications of what went down in Dorne.  Plus, why did Dany fly away on Drogon at the end of the episode? All this and much more

The Gift

On this episode Dominic and Ciaran discuss the seventh episode of Season 5, 'The Gift.'  Should they be worried for Jon and Sam?  Are Stannis and Shireen doomed?  How did the show handle the Sansa fallout, what did they think of Jaime and Marcella's reunion, and what does the future hold for Littlefinger and Lady Olena?  Plus, Cersei reaches her highest high and then falls to her lowest point.  All this and much more!

Controversy and Coldplay

On this episode Dominic and Ciaran discuss the episode 'Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.'  They tackle the controversy surounding what happened between Sansa, Ramsay, and Theon.  They also break down the interaction between Tyrion and Jorah, Littlefinger's plot, the action in the Watergardens, and Cersei's machinations.  Then to wrap it up they talk a little about the hilarious Coldplay's Game of Thrones Musical video.  All this and much more

Late to the Party


Dominic and Ciaran are back and attempt to cover two episodes in one podcast!  They break down the first two episodes of Season 5 "The Wars to Come" and"The House of Black and White."  They focus in on Jon Snow and Mance Rayder, as well as the other goings on in the North, then delve into what's going on with Daenerys.  Plus Cersei's power struggle, Brienne without a mission, and Varys' bruden.  All this and much more

The Iron Price

On this episode. Dominic and Ciaran break down the first five episodes of Season 2.  They discuss the differences in tone between the first and second season, as well as the theme of bloodlines in Westeros.  Then they delve into the relationships between Tyrion, Cersei, and Joffrey and who truly holds power in the Seven Kingdoms.  They also discuss the character arcs of Arya, Theon, Dany, and Stannis.  All this and much more!

Death and Dragons

On this episode Dominic and Ciaran are back to discuss episodes 6-10 of Season 1.  Of course they delve into the big twist in "Baelor" and everything that leads up to that moment.  They also explore the motivations and goals of the various members of the small council.  Plus, do Dany and Drogo really love each other, Jon Snow's character development, what makes a good king, and so much more!