Raiders of the Lost Porg

Scruffy Lookin' Podcasters

James gets his lego blue man.

Ed gets posters and smuggler’s bounty box.

Kev talks Sideshow Jyn’s nipples and looking forward to his Skellig trip.


The Last Jedi

  • October 9th Monday night football for next trailer. Tickets to also go on sale online?

Han Solo

  • reports darth vader seen on set of han solo for the reshoots
    • Spicy.. spice mines if Kessel? Saves chewie there?
    • Emilia Clark wrapped pic
      • per making star wars, warwick davis playing fight droid 2...retrofitted gonk droid


  • Dianoga has a name… Omi
  • Forces of destiny starting up again with half hour special October 1st


Inferno Squad

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