Rian Johnson does not need to explain his movie.

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EPISODE 22 | Rian Johnson does not need to explain his movie.

Special guest Andrew Webber joins us in James's absence. 


Segment: Are you kidding me: Britain is canon?



The Last Jedi

-box office

-Mark hammil reveals a change at end of TFA

-Star Wars show The Last Jedi Secrets Explains

-Rian johnson answers questions on The Last Jedi.. Does he need to though? Does it look bad?


Episode IX

- daisy ridley and colin trevorrow

- John WIlliams


Han Solo

- mud trooper?

- Trailer?



- Episode titles and descriptions



  • Thrawn Alliances delayed

  • per starwars.com - Star Wars Rivals mobile game


Scruffy listener emails!

Scott asks us if Rey should have teamed up with Kylo


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