Samurai Kanan, Sacrificial Ezra, and can Rey swim?

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EPISODE 23 | Samurai Kanan, Sacrificial Ezra, and can Rey swim?

SEGMENT: Are you kidding me?


The Last Jedi

- Box office

- ‎9 empire awards nominations.. No sag awards

Han Solo

- Official Synopsis -

- reaction to sneak peak in Munich

Rebels -

- more episode names and descriptions

------------- mid-season 4 trailer ----------------



- Reed Morano met with Kathleen Kennedy


Scruffy listener emails!

Dave asks about Rey on the Falcon and the Rey/Kylo force connection

Kev asks about Rey's swimming abilities

Jason asks about Rebels

Rusty asks about 2018 box office and who we would want to direct a Star Wars movie


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