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Wookiee Genome Project #7

EPISODE 010 | TLJ Screening Room • Thug Life

Join “Diamond” Rob and Emily Lind as they continue our current thrilling WGP series, The Last Jedi Screening Room, which covers seven movies Rian Johnson screened for the cast of Episode VIII. In this episode, Emily and Robbo attack Gunga Din, a Colonialist Adventure movie starring Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and Joan Fontaine. This movie follows three huge jerks as they demean every other human being within their orbit, and thereby pave the way for a truly excellent villain to steal the entire movie. Eduardo Cianelli’s thugee guru is a likely inspiration for Rian Johnson’s take on Supreme Leader Snoke. Several aspects of this movie have not aged well; but if you can cut through that, there’s a rollicking adventure to be had here.

For the Star Wars chaser, “Diamond” Rob and Lindo covers the 1994 Dark Horse Comics story “The Freedon Nadd Uprising,” a tale set almost 5,000 years before the movies, shows the Jedi Knights putting down a sci-fi version of the religious uprising we see in Gunga Din.

In a special, pre-TLJ, post-show bonus, “Diamond” Rob dishes on all of his personal Last Jedi predictions. Though he promises nothing, Robbo has a pretty good batting average when it comes to Disney-era predictions. Stick around for this extra 20+ minutes of pseudo-intellectual tomfoolery!

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