TLJ Screening Room • In The Tank

Wookiee Genome Project #7

EPISODE 009 | TLJ Screening Room • In The Tank

Join “Diamond” Rob as he continues our current thrilling WGP series, The Last Jedi Screening Room, which covers seven movies Rian Johnson screened for the cast of Episode VIII.

In this episode, Robbo attacks Sahara a war movie starring Humphrey Bogart and the best damn tank in town. This wartime drama tells the story of a motley crew of soldiers who defend a precious desert well from a battalion of thirsty Nazis. Bogart’s Solo-esque reluctant hero may well have influenced Finn’s purported transformation in The Last Jedi.

For the Star Wars chaser, Robbo covers the 1983 Marvel comic story “Hoth Stuff!” a Wedge story which somehow manages to be a pretty good despite some serious continuity issues.

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