TLJ Screening Room • Crime Kitty

Wookiee Genome Project #7

EPISODE 007 | TLJ Screening Room • Crime Kitty

Join “Diamond” Rob and special guest Emily Lind (Canto Bight Dispatch & How's Annie? podcasts) as they kick off the next thrilling WGP series, The Last Jedi Screening Room, which will cover seven movies Rian Johnson screened for the cast of Episode VIII.

In this episode, our heroes cover To Catch a Thief, Alfred Hitchcock’s French Riviera thriller starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. This movie’s chic setting and thrilling finale seem to have influenced the “Casino Planet” sequence in The Last Jedi.

For their Star Wars chaser, Robbo and Emily tackle “Gambler’s World,” a 1979 story from the oft-forgotten Star Wars newspaper strip, written and drawn by comics legend Russ Manning. Plus, “Diamond” Rob answers a listener question — What is the most flawed Star Wars movie? It isn’t what you think!

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