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Wookiee Genome Project #7

EPISODE 008 | TLJ Screening Room - Dangerous Minds

Join “Diamond” Rob and special guest Tom “King Tom” Chansky as they continue our current thrilling WGP series, The Last Jedi Screening Room, which covers seven movies Rian Johnson screened for the cast of Episode VIII.

In this episode, our heroes attack 12 O’Clock High a war movie starring Gregory Peck and a whole bunch of B-17 bombers. This study in leadership will probably be most relevant to General Leia’s development, and her relationships with fighter ace Poe Dameron and the mercurial Vice Admiral Holdo.

For their Star Wars chaser, Robbo and King Tom tackle X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, a 1996 novel by Michael Stackpole about Wedge Antilles’s struggle to rebuild the famous fighter squad without Luke Skywalker by his side. Plus, “Diamond” Rob answers a listener question — What inspired him to make this podcast and what are his influences?

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